SURFOX™ 205 (Refurbished)

SURFOX™ 205 (Refurbished)

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This industrial weld cleaning system features extensive safety and productivity features to minimize consumable use and provide economical cleaning and passivation of stainless steel and TIG & spot welds. The SURFOX 205 has been engineered to clean MIG, TIG and spot welds on aluminum, and with the use of special marking kits (sold separately), it can also mark stainless steel, aluminum and titanium surfaces. This is a durable production model designed for everyday use.
  • Built-in fume elimination system (requires a compressed air line)
  • Switchable output (AC Mode for cleaning & marking, DC Mode for polishing & etching)
  • Redesigned pump and tank for maximum efficiency
  • New Quick-Connect system allows you to quickly change between 4m and 9m long wand assemblies (9m wand sold separately)


  • Input: 120V, 50/60 Hz, 4.0 A
  • Output: 12-30 V AC/DC, 15 A Max


  • Length: 18.5''
  • Width: 9.75''
  • Height 15''

Warranty & Returns

  • Standard six-month limited warranty
  • Returns not accepted

Note: Item does not include fluids. These are available through Walter distributors. 


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